Isuzu Dmax


EXPERIENCE INDIA’S FIRST ADVENTURE UTILITY VEHICLE – ISUZU D-MAX V-CROSS AT THE INDIA 4X4 WEEK 2016 Adventure Seekers will get to experience the ISUZU D-MAX V-Cross at a specially designed 4×4 track Goa / Chennai; June 24, 2016:The all-new ISUZU D-MAX V-Cross is ready to enthuse the adventure seekers at the India 4X4 Week 2016 […]

Camp Cooking Kits

Intro: The Perfect Backpacking Cooking Kit Undertaking the job of “camp cook” on a backpacking trip is full of choices. It’s hard to balance functionality against weight. This instructable helps cut through all the options so you can travel light knowing you’ve got exactly the equipment you need and nothing extra. Plus it includes two […]

Camping Shoes

Camp shoes are not your main hiking shoes… so what’s the point in bringing the additional footwear? Camp shoes serve several extremely important functions to keep your feet healthy in the backcountry. Specifically: Let Your Feet Breath. Your feet will be steamy, and possibly blistered up, after a long day of hiking. If you are […]

Camping and Hobbies

Camping is one of the most exciting experiences; the bonding with nature, the beautifull sites and sounds, and the company of your friends and family. Are you looking to get away from the crowds and back into nature? Camping is the way to go. This hobby covers a range of skills and dates back to […]

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags   Sleeping bags differ in many ways from size, comfort rating, season rating to different types of insulation. There are 3 different shapes of sleeping bag: Square, Mummy and Sleeping Pod. Square Sleeping Bags Square sleeping bags are the most basic of sleeping bags. These give you room to move your feet if […]

Camping Tents

Instant or quick-pitch tents Instant tents are made by a number of suppliers and are the latest in a range of tents that really do erect themselves. A long, coiled, sprung frame is permanently fitted into the fabric of the tent. By twisting the frame, the tent becomes a circular package. Unleash the spring – […]

Magpie Camp Chopta


Chopta is one destination which has recently made it to the list of the best offbeat destination in the country. It is a little place tucked away in the Garhwal Mountains and is the best retreat to beat the summer heat. The Magpie Camp in Chopta lets you experience this place in its true form. […]

Sangla Valley Camping Sangla Valley


Sangla valley is an alluring valley in the Trans-Himalayan region and is a hotspot for tourists. It is a sought after place during the summers when the valley comes alive with tourists visiting from all parts of the world. Hidden away in the Himalayan region this is one picturesque valley which is untouched by the pollution […]

Nameri Eco Camp Assam


Going by the name one thing must be clear that it is a 100% eco-friendly camp. This camp has become one of the most sought after because of its superb location and the environment protection efforts. It is located in the district of Sonetpur which is the 3rd National Park of Assam. This camp is […]

West Ladakh Camp Ladakh


If you are planning to go on a trekking trip to Ladakh you can make it even more adventurous by camping at the West Ladakh Camp. This beautiful campsite is sprawled across 20 acres of ranch and is ideally situated close to the Indus River. The tents are so placed that these are surrounded by […]