Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags


Sleeping bags differ in many ways from size, comfort rating, season rating to different types of insulation. There are 3 different shapes of sleeping bag: Square, Mummy and Sleeping Pod.

Square Sleeping Bags

Square sleeping bags are the most basic of sleeping bags. These give you room to move your feet if you don’t like to feel constricted in your sleep. Square sleeping bags, in some cases, can be doubled up (or come in double size) if you wish to sleep next to your partner.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy shaped sleeping bags are tapered at the bottom to help keep warm air inside and close to your body, without circulating and cooling down. They can range from single season use right up to thick expedition sleeping bags, designed for use in sub-zero temperatures.

Sleeping Pods

Sleeping Pods are exclusive to GO Outdoors. They are half as wide as they are long, letting you move freely inside, making them ideal for people who like to toss and turn in their sleep. Perfect for sleepovers or summer use.

Most sleeping bags are rated by season to help buy the right sleeping bag for the time of year you are camping.

1 Season Sleeping Bags

Lightweight, compact and ideal for use in hot summer months (June-August) or when camping abroad in hotter countries.

2 Season Sleeping Bags

Ideal for use in late spring to early autumn, your typical family camping sleeping bag.

3 Season Sleeping Bags

For use in early spring to late autumn, and perhaps a mild winter evening. These bags are generally the sort of sleeping bag recommended for school trips and expeditions such as Duke of Edinburgh.

4 Season Sleeping Bags

Thick bags, often down insulated 4 season sleeping bags are made for use in winter when temperatures can drop below zero.

5 Season Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags, also known as expedition bags are for high mountain use and for extreme cold temperatures.